Twisted Tree Furniture
Weapon Display Case Details and Descriptions
Display Case
Walnut Inlays
Inside Dimensions:
Length 51 1/2" x Height 11 1/2" x Depth 3 1/2"
Glass Viewing Dimensions:
Length 47 3/8" x Height 7 3/8"

Case is crafted from highly figured Curly Maple and have
developed a unique yet simple mounting system where
owner must unlock the case to be able to remove the
display from the wall.
 This is NOT a 'grab and go' frame
but rather a display unit that is secured to the wall.

Original and one-of-a-kind. Contact me to custom order
your own case featuring my unique inlay work. Prices vary
with degree of intricacy.
Contrasting or
matching splines in the
door miters are
labor-intensive but this
supplies strength and
stability to the door for
generations.  I build
these cases with the
same attention to detail
that goes into my fine
furniture. They  have  
black velvet lined  
weapon holders made
of a hardwood.
Lining color of your
choice on every case.  
My unique wall  
mounting system
requires the owner
unlock the case  
before it can be
removed from the wall!
Engraved plaques

Display Case
Length 47 1/4" x Height 7 1/2"

This case is crafted of solid Ash, a very
hard and durable wood.  Hand selected
from a local Amish mill, it has a beautiful
and distinctive grain.  The ends of the
case have small and delicate Black Walnut inlays of
perfect circles measuring 3/8" in diameter.  Perfect for
the den, gentleman's study or office.  Same mounting
system as all of my cases.
Available by order with your choice of liner color.

Pistol Case Cherry
Pistol Case Oak
Length 22 1/2" x Height 11 1/2" x Depth 4"
Glass Viewing Dimensions:
Length 18 1/2" x Height 7 1/2"

Cherry Case is crafted of lightly figured cherry hand selected from a local Amish mill. Available by order at $200.00
with your choice of liner color.
Oak Case is a beautifully grained rift sawn red oak with a tight undulating grain. This particular milling technique
provides stability to the wood.  Available by order with your choice of liner color.

I designed both of these cases to hold a pair of pistols although one that I have on display at a local gun shop holds a
single pistol nicely.  Single lock with two keys.
With the changing wood prices. Please contact me for your personal quote.

Shipping varies with destination.  Please e-mail me for further information regarding delivery options.

Available by order only

This case really shows the quality of Box Joint
Construction-one of the strongest joints available and involves
exceptionally close tolerance work.
Door frames reinforced with splines in the miter joints. Although
labor intensive, this step assures excellent strength and
stability of every door frame.
High quality European-style snap hinges are invisible from the
outside.  This case has a modern and contemporary feel.  
Brass cam locks-two keys provided.
Interior lining: Shown in red, choice of liner colors
Black felt lined weapon holders
Display Case
Curly Maple

Available by order only

Available by order only
Available by order only
Custom Orders
Lighting option now me for details...
Display Case
Deep Cherry
Natural Curly Maple
Bow-Tie Inlays
Available by Order only.

Glass Viewing Area: 49 1/4" X 6 3/4"

I left the natural glow of the Red Oak wood show
through-this is as nature intended it.  Crafted with
the same finger-joint construction I am known for,
this case lends itself to homes with a country feel or
offices with a contemporary edge. Truly a timeless
piece. Your choce of liner color.
Display Case
Your choice for
liner color!
Available by
Order Only.
Inside Dimensions: 53 1/4" X 10 7/8" X 4 1/4"

Glass Viewing Area:  49 1/4" X 6 3/4"

This deep rich cherry case with natural curly maple
inlays is one of my favorites.  Finger-joint
construction, one of the strongest joints available.  
The inlay and finger joint work involve exceptionally
close tolerance work-a signature of quality.  

Available by Order Only
49 1/4" x 7 3/8"
check out the curl in this black walnut.  
Because this wood is so hard to come by,
the box on the case will be made of
regular Black Walnut and only the door
frame will be Curly Black Walnut.
Exceptional. Your choice of liner colors.