Twisted Tree Furniture
I was in one of my
clients homes the
other day
and noticed a
veteran's flag case
sitting on the table,
asked if I could take a
look "Of course!" The
case said
Made In Japan
on the bottom of it.

I didn't say anything
to my client but it
got me to thinking...

Now I make these
cases to honor our
service people, from
hardwoods grown on
American soil, and
crafted proudly for
those by an

Due to the unique nature of military medals, each
client presents with different needs. Ribbons in
addition to the "push pin" type
with your specific requirements. Available in many
hardwoods, curly or figured woods.
Includes lock and two keys.

quarter-sawn Red oak or Curly Maple from a local Amish mill. With Black This is
The Black Walnut inlay spline work on my joined corners add not only beauty
but strength.  Sure, I could make this case as a mass produced item, but each
one is as unique and special as the service person it represents.   
Other wood types available.
Priced at $250.00.
proudly display a Veteran's Burial Flag.  
Made from American Hardwoods.
Case at the left is made from Curly Maple and
Black Walnut base.
Case at the right is from Red Oak.
Click the image to see larger views.
Curly Maple with
Black Walnut Splines
Quarter Sawn Red Oak
with Black Walnut
Walnut Splines
and Base
Red Oak
Cherry with Rich Dark Stain
Solid Cherry
Solid Cherry case shown
here with Cherry splines.  
Picture                          Description                         Price
                                                                                         (Shipping not incl.)
More cases
coming soon!
Let me know
what you
Order yours
double strength 1/8" glass

haven’t already, that my aunt
and cousins love the flag
case for mu cousin which is
similar to the one you made
and I sent for my uncle.  
They truly appreciated the
name tags for each flag and
really love the cases.  Your
work is amazing !  Thank you.

Maryanne Peabody